Adapting To The Changing Business Climate

Home shows can't happen like normal, so we are evolving with the times. Mall shows provide regular 1 on 1 interaction in a controlled and safe environment.

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Home Show Magazine's Spring Edition

Coming soon is the exclusive opportunity to reach customers at home. Click here to find out more about this limited opportunity.

Craving Face-to-Face Time With Customers?

Coming soon is more information on how you can reach customers in the comfort of their home (possibly from yours)!

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Get an inside look at Jenkins home shows

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What it means to exhibit

What is a home show? How can a home show benefit you? Find out here.

Floor plans & reservation form

Our floor plans and reservation form will give you an idea of what our shows looks like, and booth prices.

Prepare your booth

How to get the most out of your booth and make the biggest impact during the show. Click here for tips & tricks.

Why should you exhibit in a home show?

There are lots of reasons! Some of them include: making sales to the pre-qualified customers attending the show, breaking into a new market, introducing a new product or service and getting immediate feedback.