May 2, 2017

9 Tips That Will Add a Personal Touch to Your Home Show Exhibit and Ensure Success

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by The Jenkins Team in Booth Design

Having a successful home show exhibit involves more than just showing up and being seen.

jenkins home show exhibit example

Being recognized by your target audience is one of the main things that will make demand for your company grow and local home shows are one of the best ways to gain this necessary exposure.   It is vital that your business makes the most out of this opportunity and sees a return on the investment.  We’ve written many articles on how to correctly set up your home show booth but very few on how your staff or representatives should behave towards your audience.  Continue reading for our Top 9 tips to adding a personal touch to your home show exhibit.

Pre-Home Show Promotion

It is a good idea to hit the streets and spread the word that you will be appearing at a local home show that is coming up.  Visit community centers, relevant stores or organizations and hand out pamphlets etc.  Posting to social media or sending out emails to your contact list also falls into this category.  You don’t need to focus only on your company either, instead promote your industry and niche as well to increase interest. If you operate locally, this is a great way to get your most important audience to visit the home show.

Make a Customer Engagement Plan and Stick to Your Goals

As a general estimate at a busy home show, each representative should aim to engage with 10 customers every hour.  This means that during a 24-hour period each staff member should have conversed with 240 potential customers.  This means your staff needs to be spending their time talking to the audience and not with each other. People will not want to interrupt a conversation. Don’t be overly pushy but it doesn’t hurt to engage either.

Use Your Booth Set Up as a Backdrop for Your Representatives

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but are they the words your audience wants to hear?  Potential customers often have specific, detailed questions that need to be answered by a representative.  home show booth backdrop exampleThis personal touch can often differentiate your company from your competitors better than anything else.  This is why you exhibited at the home show in the first place – to engage with your target audience.

Only Enthusiastic & Knowledgeable Staff are Allowed at Your Booth

Customers come to home shows to gain detailed and in-depth information.  They come to physically ‘kick the tires’ so to speak.  Research has shown that over 50% of customers buying decisions are based on the level of service they receive.  Make sure your staff are up to the task of representing your business the way you want.

Breaking the Ice

Approaching a potential customer that is hovering around your booth is not the easiest thing in the world.  What do you say to make sure you seem friendly and inviting instead of pushy?  We recommend beginning your approach with a grateful statement and an open-ended question.  As an example, you could say “I’m happy you stopped by, what sparked your interest in our exhibit?”  This is an engaging greeting that enables continued conversation.

Another big thing that few exhibitors do is to greet people with a handshake.  A handshake immediately creates a sense of trust and personal attention, often disarming a potential customer.

Take Notes

When talking with guests at your home show exhibit, we recommend taking notes.  This will not only allow you to keep track of particular questions, concerns or requests but it will also show your audience that you have a genuine interest in what they are saying.

the importance of taking notes at a home show

Review Constantly

We recommend reviewing you progress, or more importantly, who you have been in contact with, every few hours.  Identify priorities and potentials so that you can give them extra attention.  This goes hand in hand with taking notes, so that no potential customer falls by the wayside and is forgotten.

Body Language Is Important

Open and friendly body language makes it much easier for potential customers to approach you.  No hands in pockets or crossing your arms in front of your chest.  We recommend you hold something in your hands so that you don’t fidget, smile a lot, and appear energetic.  We also recommend standing versus sitting because you look more engaged with what you are doing.

Arrive Early, Leave Late

Visitors at a home show are often overwhelmed by the sheer volume of exhibits.  They may have arrived late and haven’t seen all there is to see at the show yet, or they have been putting off making a decision and would like to revisit your exhibit to ask a few more follow up questions.  No matter the reason, you will be missing out on a significant amount of traffic if you close up shop early.

Successful customer interactions are a difficult part of home shows and are best learned through experience.  We hope that you can benefit from our tips and put your best foot forward at your next home show exhibition.