We know you want to get the most out of your booth

Below are some observations we have made of the most successful exhibitors.

  1. Make sure you have a full booth. If your booth consists of a single pull up sign and a table think to yourself “Would I likely be engaged by this booth if I was walking by?” If your answer is no then consider adding more to your booth! Pull up signs are great but remember that you need more than just one. You will also benefit form having brochures, signs to go on the table, a backdrop sign, and a part of you business that you customers can engage with.
  2. Be there for the start and the end of the show. Make sure you/your employees are aware of the starting and ending times. Nobody likes to miss out on a sale and with customers there from start to end that’s exactly what is at risk.
  3. Allow visitors into your booth. We know it is tempting to stack all your advertising as close as to the aisle as you can however if a potential customer stands there they are going to get the feeling they are in the way when they are told “excuse me” from other visitors. If you want to have a longer, better yielding conversation then make sure there is room for your customers to take a step into your booth!
  4. Stand, don’t sit, make eye contact! You are less likely to engage with someone if you are sitting. If you are standing, the same as your customers, then you are more likely to make eye contact – and that’s where a conversation can begin.
  5. “Show specials.” We have noticed that many companies that exhibit with us will offer some sort of ‘show special.’ Not only does this draw people in to your company but there are plenty of people who attend the show specifically looking for show specials!
  6. Stay within your booth space. When exhibitors start leaving their booths to engage people in the aisles it creates a more aggressive atmosphere than we want in the show. We have seen potential customers skirt by groups of exhibitors simply because one made the decision to stand in the aisle and sell. You can still make sales from your booth my engaging people in the aisles when they approach but please do not impede the flow of traffic by being in the aisle.