Why exhibit in a home show?

After 35+ years and over 600 shows we have heard that question a lot!

Watch our latest video from the 2017 Ancaster Lifestyle Home Show, or read below for more information!

The short answer is it will absolutely help grow your business! Marketing a business these day is more challenging than ever. There are so many options, with many of them still evolving. A true staple of successful marketing has always been exhibiting in events of all kinds. It is the only method that involves all the senses; you can smell the gardens created by landscapers, see the quality of a woodworker’s craftsmanship, feel the power of the latest HVAC systems, hear about the most recent advances in windows & doors and taste some of the community’s local confectionaries. Think about that!

You will meet your potential customers face to face. You can develop a rapor. You can let them see and touch your product or service and describe to them the benefits. You can give them immediate answers to their questions, overcome their concerns and sign them up on the spot ­ or contact them after the show for an appointment. You will leave a show with orders in your pocket.

Because a show is themed such as “Home Show” or “Healthy Living Show” you are reaching interested, engaged potential clients. They have made a special trip out to see you and your cohorts. They are pre­qualified just by being on the show floor. Exhibiting is an extremely targeted, efficient use of you and your staff’s time. You will enjoy one of the highest rate of returns of any type of advertising. 

Although advertising on the internet, newspapers or radio etc. can be part of any marketing plan exhibiting should be a definite. You will also get to network with your peers and see what the competition is doing. Shows are great for doing some research and determining a direction to go – ­ or to not go. Feedback is immediate and direct.

Shows are also a great place to train or educate staff. They can listen to the experts and the boss and grow from that knowledge. They can see first hand how your company is expected to interact with customers.

Lastly, nothing shows you are proud to be a part of the community like participating in the local home show. Use the three days to meet, greet, and make an impression on the people that have welcomed your business into their community.

These are just a few of the many benefits to “showing” off. We invite you to come discover more!

Thank you for considering adding “exhibiting” to your marketing plan! We truly believe it will be one of the best investments for your business that you can make. Come join us at a Jenkins Show Productions’ event near you!