Mar 28, 2017

How to improve your home and trade show booth design to attract new business

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by The Jenkins Team in Booth Design

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An important element to running a booth at any trade or home show is having an enticing design to attract customers.  The better the design, the better chance you have in attracting new business.

In this article, we plan to illustrate some tips and secrets which can turn your booth from an afterthought, into an exciting place to visit for customers to learn more about you, and your product.

In marketing, it is often said that visuals are everything.  The human brain processes visual information remarkably faster than text, so it is critical you can display your product in a visual format that is appealing to the eye and creates engagement.

Having an amazing product helps, but if you are not showcasing it through effective visuals and proper branding, you could be losing out on customers. Let’s face it, people have short attention spans, so the more information you can throw at them in an effective, and visually appealing way, the better chance you have of peaking their interest.

Here are some tips which can help your booth succeed:

1) Colour coordination

Having a nice array of colours definitely helps, and it’s proven to be more effective than black and white colour schemes. Each colour represents something different, and the psychology of colours has been studied by marketers for years now.

Figuring out which colours to use should align with your branding and product, which should also align with your target audience.  For example, the colour RED creates a sense of urgency, which works for items you’re looking to sell immediately (on clearance items for example).  It is also said that it encourages appetite and that is why fast food chains primarily dominate their branding with the colour red.

fast food chain logos

Another example is the colour blue as it is proven to be more popular among men.  The colour blue promotes peace, reliability, water, and tranquility.

So depending on who your target audience is, and the product you’re trying to sell, embracing a colour scheme which reflects that is very important.

2) Get to the point

What do we mean by this? As previously mentioned, humans have extremely short attention spans.  A recent study was conducted and concluded that since the rise of the smartphone era, our attention spans have decreased significantly to the point where goldfish now can hold a thought longer than us humans.  It is estimated that the average attention span is about 8 seconds, dropping from 12 seconds since the year 2000.

So what does this mean? You have about 8 seconds (on average) to gauge someone’s interest, or you’ve lost them.  In this time frame, you have to decide where you want your customer to look, and have them decide if they like what they see.  Similar to a ‘Call to action’ button on a website, people need direction, but they need it in a timely fashion.

3) Use technology to interact

Technology can be used to your benefit to hit various demographics and engage them at different levels.  For example, a video screen on a controlled loop displaying your product in visually appealing scenarios can help.  Taking advantage of other technologies like Wi-fi and Bluetooth to connect with your customers at your home show booth is also an added bonus.  If you have a mobile app for your product, allowing your customers to download it via Wi-fi will show that you are progressive and cutting edge.  Younger people cherish their phones and don’t often part with them, so to open a channel to your product through their phone can be extremely beneficial.

4) Give away promotional items

People love free stuff! Period.  It is proven that consumers are 52% more likely to stop at a home show booth if they are giving away free promotional merchandise.  You see this most commonly with food products as they can be easily distributed and given away at very little cost.  Small shops that sell tea and coffee, ice cream, cured meats and cheeses, or baked goods are often on patrol giving away free samples of their food as a great way to attract new customers.

This is not only common with smaller businesses, large consumer retailers participate in this type of marketing as well.  Companies like Walmart, Target, Sephora, Macy’s, and Nordstrom are no stranger to free giveaways.

5) Keep it simple

Sometimes less is more.  Overloading someone with too much information all at once can be overwhelming and scare off potential customers.

Keeping it simple means having your trade booth organized in an effective way with enough space for visitors to maneuver throughout your display without feeling crowded.

There’s a reason companies like Apple are so effective, among those reasons is their dedication to keeping things simple and clean.  If you ever go into an Apple store, you’ll notice tons of open space, with a friendly layout for people to walk around and interact.  You’ll also notice that their capacity to handle consumer volume is better than most other stores. The Apple store is always packed, but since the they have such a large open concept style of store, they’re always able to service, help, and entertain massive  groups of people.

home show booth presentation

With these five simple tips, you can improve your home and trade show booth design to attract new consumers.

Jenkins Show Productions has proudly been serving business owners from all over Ontario for 35+ years when it comes to trade and home shows.  We are always happy to help give friendly advice and to set you up on your path to having a great show booth.