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Floor Plans

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Reservation Form

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2019 Fall Exhibitor Kits

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Your Terms & Conditions

  • All signage within each booth must be professionally produced (no handwritten signs).
  • Move-out arrangements must be made for Sunday evening at 5 p.m. (not before). For the integrity of the show, dismantling of a booth or removing product prior to the last closing day of the show is strictly prohibited. If an exhibitor leaves items after the scheduled move-out or damages the space and there is an additional cost, it is strictly the responsibility of the exhibitor.
  • The show organizer reserves the right to move an exhibit due to management’s request or other extenuating circumstances. No absolute guarantee can be given to requested exhibit position within each show – requests are considered.
  • Management of the facility and the show organizer retain the right to ask any vendor to vacate or leave the premise upon request at any time. Facility owners and/or the show organizer are not responsible for any loss of business or personal income incurred by the tenant due to the removal, movement of a display or cancellation of the show due to unforeseen circumstances or damages and expenses the exhibitor may incur resulting from the change.
  • Final exhibitor approval is determined at the discretion of show management.
  • HST Number: R110158359.
  • Please retain a copy of this form for your records. This form serves both as an application and a contract
  • No Booth sharing or sub-leasing of exhibit space is allowed without consent of management. Tables, chairs and electrical are not included.
  • All exhibitors must abide by local fire regulations (fire inspectors from the community may inspect your display), bylaws and regulations from the city, facility, police, electrical personnel including consumer and health and safety concerns. All exhibitors must abide by The Jenkins Agency Inc.’s show rules and regulations unless prior arrangements are made.
  • During the show each exhibitor is responsible for his/her own display and its contents and may only display, promote and sell the items listed on the reservation form. The exhibitor may not sub-lease all or a portion of the booth space to another company.
  • All exhibitors must be properly insured.
  • All booths must be carpeted. Underpadding is recommended.
  • To enable your neighbour to be seen, it is recommended that objects or sidewalls located in the front 4’ of your booth be lower than 4’ high unless prior arrangements are made.
  • NSF cheque charge $50.00.
  • Electricity for a booth can be ordered from the official supplier at the exhibitor’s expense. The order form will be in the exhibitor kit and on-line. All equipment used by exhibitors must be CSA approved. This is the exhibitor’s responsibility.
  • Heavy duty commercial extension cords must be supplied by the exhibitor, if electricity is required.
  • The exhibitor releases the show coordinators, or any of its assignees and employees from any injury or damage incurred by the exhibitor or the exhibitor’s agents and for any personnel and employees of the facility/ owners. The exhibitor also releases the show coordinators from all liability and responsibility for any theft or damage to goods included in the display or done to the premises before, during or after the show.
  • The Jenkins Agency Inc. reserves the right to use alternative methods of show promotion.
  • Displays must be staffed during show hours.