Why Exhibit In A Home Show?

A Whole New Avenue Of Sales

How often do you get the opportunity to add a whole new avenue of sales to your business? Exhibiting in shows will bring you additional orders and leads that you can only obtain meeting directly, face to face with potential, qualified customers. Shows deliver local customers that live nearby directly to you in your booth. They will be customers that will be both immediate and long term. They will also recommend you to their neighbours, family and friends. 

Community home shows are a great way for businesses to reach new customers. Home shows offer one of the most cost efficient ways to market, allow questions by customers to be answered on the spot, provide instant introduction to thousands of people over just a few days, not to mention they can lead directly to an huge increase in sales and lead generation.

Face-to-Face Conversations With Qualified Customers

Meeting your customers face-to-face is the most direct way to sell, and sometimes the simplest solution is the best! Many people do not think about the benefits of face-to-face interactions because it is the natural way to do things and it can happen without much forethought. Being in front of a potential customers allows you to change your sales technique according to how the person responds to you. Compare this to online or print advertising; if a person doesn’t respond well to your advertisement you don’t get a second chance – they’ll move on. Similarly, if a person has a concern about your product or service they might get the wrong impression if it is not addressed the right way. Talking to them one on one will get you the sale.

When a company participates in a home show they are interacting – at the most basic level – with prequalified customers. People who attend home shows are prequalified, meaning they have an shown an interest in home or lifestyle improvement products or services simply by going to the home show. It is similar to someone who walks into a store front – the customer is by default interested in seeing or hearing what you can offer them.

New Customers In A Targeted Region

Local businesses want local customers. One reason businesses do so well at home shows is because a home show offers a very targeted geographic audience that are nearby your business. This means less time spent commuting to work sites, and a greater chance for repeat business.

Exhibiting in a professionally organized, well promoted event can be a tremendous addition to your marketing repertoire. It will bring you business that you can’t get using any other method of advertising; it’s a new source! It is also amazing how much business to business synergies develop when show full of community entrepreneurs takes place. Direct sales often occur between businesses and strategic alliances can be created.

Come discover why thousands of companies come back year after year to their local community home shows!